From Jean-Claude Colin

"Build a new Church..."

A Church that is Mother, with open arms

loving, compassionate, attentive, listening, nourishing, teaching , caring for weakest.

Change from within, not from a position of power - quietly, unobtrusively - "Hidden and Unknown"

"No to Greed, Power, Prestige"

Not seeking anything for self

Ready for anything, "doing great things" quietly

No 'minimalist' attitude... make the most and the best

of God's gifts, with gratitude & humility.

Love of & fidelity to Prayer

"Prayer is the sap that feeds the soul. . ."

                                     Desire for contemplative life best safeguard in active life



From Jeanne-Marie Chavoin

  • "Simplicity, the very greatest simplicity, should be their only adornment"

    Simplicity, total honesty and truth,

    Integrity, being oneself, without pretence or pretensions

  • Poverty -    "We must have confidence, God is not dead! We must count on

  •                      Providence, it has never let us down."

  • Care             for whatever we use, husbandry, sharing, generosity, hospitality

  • Love of work - "Our Congregation. has its own spirit, which is a love

                           of poverty, simplicity and love of work"

    Integrity at work, whether for ourselves or for others, no shirking or cutting of corners, total honesty, justice to employer and employed.

    Putting one's whole heart into whatever one does, be it    patchwork or physics, playing or praying.

    In our frenetic society, cultivating "Sabbath" - not just to worship God, but to remind us not to worship work and its results - such as wealth, property, power, prestige......


  • Love of Prayer - "O my child, love prayer. . . love to converse with God. . ."

  • "She liked people to have simple, upright piety, which goes directly to God."

    "to make the mystery of Mary in the Church the daily inspiration of its life and action." (Constitutions)



From Marcellin Champagnat

Belief in, respect for, and love of youth

Personal development to capacity for this purpose only

Being real Brothers to one another


From Francoise Perroton & Pioneers

Daring to risk for the Kingdom and for God's little ones

especially the women of Oceania

Courage to make a woman's contribution

Ready to face criticism sometimes as "independent"








Compiled by Sr Mary Magdalen SM














































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