Miscellaneous Publications relating to the MARIST WAY




Freda Carroll has recently compiled a list of books and pamphlets, relevant
to the Marist Way, that are kept in the Parish House of Our Lady of Lourdes
and St Peter Chanel in Hull. This is primarily for the benefit of the
parish, but it could be seen as an example of the sort of literature any
Marist Way branch should have. There are duplicate copies of some of the
titles and Freda would be happy to pass these on to another Marist Way Group
in England or to give information on where the books could be obtained
(online second-hand dealers such as Abebooks).



2001 General Chapter statements and decisions. 2002. 23pp.
Society of Mary. 27th General Chapter

The age of Mary: le siècle de Marie. 1988. 135pp.
Snijders, Jan
[Maristica: Textus et studia, 1]
(English/French text)

Anonymous apostle: the life of Jean-Claude Colin, Marist. 1967. 302pp.
Hosie, Stanley W.

As Mary did  / Comme Marie: spirituality of the Marist family; an inter-branch resource book. 2006. 112pp.
Marist Inter-Branch Spirituality Committee
(English/French text)



A Book of texts for the study of Marian spirituality. 1993. 359pp.
Keel, Edwin L.

By a gracious choice: the story of Jeanne-Marie Chavoin, foundress of the Marist Sisters. n.d. 24pp.
A Certain idea of the Society of Mary: Jean-Claude Colin. 1990. 51pp.
Coste, Jean



A Certain way: an exploration of Marist spirituality. 1995. 184pp.
Larkin, Craig

Characteristics of Marist education.  2004?  21pp.
Society of Mary

A collection of prayers and readings.  [Walsingham?] n.d.  22pp.

Constitutions, new and old / Nouvelles et anciennes constitutions.  1993. 213pp.
Hulshof, Jan
[Maristica: Textus et studia, 6]
(English/French text)

Constitutions of the Society of Mary (temporary draft) and mission statement. 1985.  45pp.
Society of Mary. General Chapter
Constitutions of the Society of Mary. 1992.  311pp.
(English/Latin text)



Decreta capitularia of the Society of Mary, 1985.  1988. 85pp.
Society of Mary

Doing the work of Mary: an invitation to the Marist Way. A formative program for Marist Laity.  2004. 
Marist Laity Services Committee and the Priests and Brothers of the Society of Mary (Atlanta Province, USA)
Loose-leaf binder.



Ever your poor brother, Peter Chanel: surviving letters and Futuna journal. 1991.  466pp.
Stuart, William Joseph & Ward, Anthony

Exercises in Marist spirituality. 1980. 30pp.
Keel, Edwin L.



For a Marian Church: Marist founders and foundresses. 1992. 268pp.
Forissier, Antoine

Formazione del laicato Maristia in parrocchia; progetto realizzato nella Parocchia del Rivaio. Settembre 1999 – Settembre 2003. n.d. 157pp.
Rivaio.  Parrocchia. Famiglia Maristica

A Founder acts; reminiscences of Jean-Claude Colin by Gabriel-Claude Mayet. 1983.  538pp.
Coste, Jean, editor

A Founder speaks: spiritual talks of Jean-Claude Colin. 1975. 602pp.
Coste, Jean, editor

Fourvière (a guide). n.d.   36pp.

The Frescoes Room [at the Hermitage]
Collection of pictures and explanation of the frescoes. n.d.  25pp.
Marist Brothers


H - I

A Heart that knew no bounds: the life and mission of Saint Marcellin Champagnat. 2000. 10pp.
Sammon, Sean D.

Heritage, challenge and hope: Superior General’s report to the 26th General Chapter. 1993. 65pp.
Jago, John

Hidden fruifulness: the life and spirituality of Jeanne-Marie Chavoin, foundress of the Congregation of Marist Sisters. 2001. 269pp.
Niland, Myra

Icône de Saint Marcellin Champagnat. n.d. 32pp.
(French text)

If we let the Spirit lead us: Superior General’s report to the 27th General Chapter, 2001.  n.d. 76pp.
Fernàndez, Joaquín



Jean-Claude Colin, Marist: a founder in an era of revolution and restoration: the early years 1790-1836. 2000. 349pp.
Kerr, Donal

Jean-Claude Colin’s instructions to the staff of the Minor Seminary at Belley. 1990.  199pp.
Drouilly, François
[Maristica: Textus et studia, 3]
(English/French text)



Lay Marists: anthology of historical sources. 1993.  961pp.
Girard, Charles

Learning to taste God / Apprendre à goûter Dieu. 1996.  127pp.
Fourissier, Alain-Roland
[Maristica: Textus et studia, 7]
(English/French text)

Lectures on Society of Mary history (Marist Fathers), 1786-1854. 1965  250pp.
Coste, Jean

Like a bridge: the people of God and the work of Mary. 1994. 201pp.
Duffy, Laurence & Girard, Charles



Manual of the Third Order of Mary.  1954.  414pp.

Marcellin Champagnat, a Marist saint: Marist priest and founder of the Marist Brothers. 1999. 46pp.
Greiller, Alois

A Marian consciousness: Marist spirituality as prophetic. 1991. 121pp.
Fitgerald, Michael
[Maristica: Textus et studia, 5]
(English/French text)

A Marian vision of the Church: Jean-Claude Colin / Une vision mariale de l’Eglise: Jean-Claude Colin.  1998. 477pp.
Coste, Jean
[Maristica: Textus et studia, 8]
(English/French text)

Marist biographical sketches: Richard Henry Smith, Claude-Marie Chavas, Jean-François Denis. 1989.  63 pp.
(Washington Province Historical Studies)

Marist celebrations.[Antiphons and prayers for Marist feasts] n.d. 20pp.

The Marist laity: a basic guide. n.d. 16pp.
Marist Fathers

The Marist laity: finding the way envisioned by Father Colin. 1988. 24pp.
McKay, Frank
[First draft]

The Marist laity: finding the way envisaged by Father Colin. 1991.  151pp.
McKay, Frank
[Maristica: Textus et studia, 4]
(English/French text)

Marist lay people and religious: together for the mission.  European session, La Neylière, 16-25 August 1995.  1996, 97pp.
Centre de Documentation Mariste, Paris
English and French texts

Marist milestones: a Champagnat pilgrimage. n.d. 63pp.
McMahon, Frederick

Marist origins. [Pilgrimage] Tuesday 22nd July – Friday 1st August 2003.  2003.  44p.
Marist Pilgrimages
[Itinerary, history, places visited]

Marist Sisters. 1999. 22pp.

The Marist story: (1) The Fouvière experience; a collection of resources for praying and reflecting on the events crucial to the foundation of the Society of Mary. 1991. 40pp.
Whelan, Christopher

The Marist story (2): The Cerdon experience; a collection of resources for praying and reflecting on the events crucial to the foundation of the Society of Mary. n.d. 48pp.
Whelan, Christopher

The Marist story (3): The Bugey experience; a  collection of resources for praying and reflecting on the events crucial to the foundation of the Society of Mary. n.d. 52pp.
Whelan, Christopher

The Marist story: the Bon Repos experience; a collection of resources for praying and reflecting on the events crucial to the foundation of the Marist Sisters. 1997. 24pp.
Ranum, Marie Therese & Challacombe, Marie

The Marist Third Order.  n.d. 9pp.
(The call to the laity, 3)

Marists all . . . [publication to mark the first simultaneous General Chapters of the Fathers, Sisters, Missionary Sisters and Brothers]. n.d. 16pp.

Marists towards a Marian Church: four talks to the Assembly of the English Province. 1995.  19pp.
Hulshof, Jan

The Martyr of Futuna: Blessed Peter Chanel of the Society of Mary. 1917. 199pp.
Gilmore, Florence , translator

Mary in the Word. 1995. 16pp.
Duckworth, J.R.

Mary mother of our hope. 1986. 43pp.
Jago, John

Mary, yesterday, today, tomorrow.  1993. 88pp.
Schillebeeckx, Edward and Halkes, Catharina
(SCM Press)


P - R

Parishes and Marist legislation: material for reflection.  1979.  51pp.
Coste, Jean
(Translated from ‘Paroisses et legislation mariste’ by Jim Murphy)

Patterns: the fashioning of a foundress; Jeanne-Marie Chavoin, Mother St. Joseph, foundress of the Marists Sisters. 2004. 194pp.
Goldstein, Vivienne

Prayers, readings and reflections. n.d. 13 pp.
Council for the Marist Way

Présences de Marie: fondateurs et fondatrices de la famille Mariste. 1990. 313pp.
Forissier, Antoine

Regina Societatis Mariae. 1989. 31pp.
Jago, John

Rejoice, Mary: lectio divina of the Hail Mary. 1987.  94pp
Bruni, Giancarlo



Saint Peter Chanel: first martyr of Oceania.  1954.  30pp.
Courtais, E.

Saint Peter Chanel, S.M.: first martyr of the Pacific. 1994.  72pp.
Graystone, Philip

A Short history of the Society of Mary, 1854 to 1993. 1998. 180pp.
Graystone, Philip

Society of Mary (Marist Fathers and Brothers) in England from 1850 to 2001. n.d. 87pp.
Graystone, Philip

A Special presence: Marist Fathers in the world. n.d. 24pp.
Green, Denis

A Spirituality for our time: Jean-Claude Colin, founder of the Society of Mary. 1987. 265pp.
Gioannetti, Franco

Strong mind, gentle heart: Joseph Benedict Marcellin Champagnat (1789-1840): priest of the Society of Mary, founder of the Marist Brothers of the Schools.  1988. 160pp.
McMahon, Bro. Frederick

Studies on the early ideas of Jean-Claude Colin – I. 1989.  263pp.
Coste, Jean
[Maristica: Textus et studia, 2]
(English/French text)


T - W

Triumph of failure: Jeanne-Marie Chavoin, foundress of the Marist Sisters. 1998. 166pp.
Leonard, Jessica

The Work of Mary: Marist laity. n.d. 24pp.
Society of Mary